Ahriman's Treasure


A dangerous trip atop a flying carpet


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Ahriman's Treasure is an type of 'endless runner' where you have to travel as far as you can atop a flying carpet while dodging the hundreds of dangers that come your way.

The only thing you can do as you travel is avoid the different obstacles in the setting, and attack with the sword. Thanks to your loyal blade, you can kill the bats that try to stop you as you move forward.

Other dangers you have to face are rocks falling from the rooftops, traps that spit fire, and small gaps in between the pillars. Any of these elements can end the game if they touch you, so you have to be careful.

Ahriman's Treasure has spectacular graphics, full of lights and particle effects, which make flying on the carpet a truly wonder.

Ahriman's Treasure is a really fun arcade game that benefits from the classic appeal of endless runners: 'prodding' the player into always wanting to try it once more.
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